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Thread: How to distribute flyers?

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    How to distribute flyers?

    Planning on using a well designed flyer next season to get some accounts. Should I pick an area I want to target and go door to door and maybe introduce myself or would this take to much time. Maybe I should just let the information on the flyer do the talking. Where would be the best place to leave a flyer so the homeowner would see it. I believe they say messing with the mailbox is illiegal although this would obviously be the best place. Im planning on distributing around 5000. Does this seem reasonable or should I go with more or less. Also is it a good idea to say anything about pricing.

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    If you don't plan on stopping to talk....

    I would use direct mail. I think its more proffesional than dropping them in screen doors, mailboxes, etc.
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    When I was doing flyers. I would place the flyer inside a document protector. One it protected the flyer from getting wet and two some of the prospective customers inseted the flyer into the phone book for future reference. You cannot put 'em in the mail box without upsetting the local postmaster. I used the newpaper holder box.
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    I have also put them in the newspaper box.
    Just make sure they aren't touching the mailbox at all.
    The first time I passed out flyers it was windy. In one neighborhood I noticed some of them were blowing out. I picked up the ones that blew out and started putting them between the flag and box. Wasn't a wise decision and the local post office called to make sure I wouldn't do it again.
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    Good places to put out flyers:

    1. Gas Stations
    2. Grocery Stores
    3. Laundry Mats
    4. Business (Most business will let you put out flyers or business cards)

    5. Pizza Places
    6. Insurance Offices
    7. Doctor Offices

    Stay away from mailboxes, it's a Fedral offesense!
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    Out of Curiosity...

    For every 1,000 flyers that you distribute, how many would you guess actually generate sales leads?

    Just curious, about the return on effort from this marketing approach?
    Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't...

    You are right!


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    dkdowney, on average it's about a 1% responce.
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